Having a room in the basic floor is such an advantage for you. The basic room is usually called a finished basement. The advantage is you can create one more room in your basement, besides the main home. With more quiet atmosphere, you can make this basement as your private rooms or a family rooms.

To have this comfy room, you should decorate the basement first. You have to change some decorations and also the desains. You can use some designs that are used in a modern basement. If you don’t know the modern design to decorate it, you can see these ideas below.

1. Look out the basement

The first type of basement is look out basement. This type of basement has a window in the room that can be used to see the atmosphere outside the basement. It makes you more integrated with nature. The atmosphere in the basement also makes you feel more fresh.

The window can be used as good circulation system in your basement. It will make the sunlight entry the room in your basement. By having enough air and sunlight, your basement will be more suitable to be used as a room.

2. Walk out the basement

The second type of basement is a walk out basement. This type of basement is a basement designed like houses in a low area. It makes the room in the basement can be accessible from outside of the main house. But you can also access it from inside the main house. You can use this type of basement as an underground garage, playground for children, storing groceries, or a warehouses.

3. Walk up the basement

The third type of basement is a walk up basement. This type of basement is a basement that has separate access from the main house. The basement is usually found in homes or apartments. Usually, this basement can be accessed by stairs or doors.

Those are some of the basement design types that you can use to recreate your basement. You can adjust the basement based on your needs and wish. You can also partition your basement into two different rooms in one basement. That way, you can use it as much as possible. Wish it useful for you!