Not all countries regulate dashcam in the same way. In Austria, no dashcam is allowed at all. Luxembourg allows but is not allowed to be used in public places. In Germany legal is owned but may not be uploaded to social media. In America, it is limited to only a few parts. In the UK (UK) It is not permissible to record sound without the permission of the passenger or the driver and the police have the authority to confiscate it as evidence in court. That’s why before you buy cameras for cars, you need to make sure that your country allows you to use it freely.

The widespread use of dashcam does not necessarily make the owner have the freedom to record. In fact, it can backfire for its owner.

In the UK, if a driver violates traffic rules, such as speeding, and happens to have a dashcam. So the police have the authority to confiscate dashcam recordings to be seen as proof. Using the GPS function, the police can determine how fast you are driving the car.

There is no reason for the dashcam record owner not to hand it over to the police. Instead of dodging it will be subject to the article blocking the legal process.

As written on the page of The Sun, the more tricky thing is to tell passengers and other drivers if you use dashcam and make audio recordings. This rule is in England if you are violated by being sanctioned.

This also applies to public transportation, such as taxis. The taxi driver must notify the occupants that he is using the dashcam with the voice recorder. If not the driver can be dealt with is considered to have violated personal limits.

That’s it for the info about dash cam that we may share with you this time. We hope it helps you to use your dash cams more carefully when you drive or when you park your car.