Everyone uses digital marketing to market their business. The development of the internet has indeed made digital marketing very well developed. One of the best known digital marketing techniques is SEO. There are already many people who use SEO for their business. You can use services from consultor seo alicante if you want to optimize SEO properly.

Unfortunately, there are many things that many people do that can damage the SEO used. These are some of the things that are often done that can actually damage SEO:

1. You choose keywords that are too narrow
If you choose keywords that are too narrow or there are not many people looking for them, then your website traffic will not increase. You need to expand these keywords so you can get the opportunity to reach wider customers.

2. You choose a niche that is too difficult
If you choose a niche that is too difficult then this is a risk to your own business. You can deal with other competitors who might be very well known for the niche. You will comment on a large website and a well-known brand. You must be prepared for all the competition that can happen to your business. If you have a new business, then a narrow niche can actually kill your business.

3. You don’t use social media
If you have a website but don’t have any social media accounts, this is a waste. If you do SEO optimization and you think you can win SEO competition without using social media, then you are wrong. Social media can help SEO to increase traffic on your website. Create interesting content and you can share it on social media. You can choose one social media platform or you also can use all types of social media so your business can increase.