5 Tips For Caring For A Senior Dog To Avoid Stress

Raising a dog does pleasure its owner. However, you also need to pay attention to how to care for dogs, especially for their food. Feeding dogs with Life’s Abundance dog food can be a solution. Remembering if the way to care for a dog is wrong, it will hurt his life. One of them is causing the dog to become stressed. In order not to become stressed, here are five ways to treat you that you can apply.

1 Create Interaction and Take Time to Play
The main causes of stress for dogs at home are loneliness or being left alone for too long. If dogs are left alone to linger, they will feel bored and have no activities to ward off boredom. Finally, even dogs can feel stressed.

2 Keep Your Dog Comfortable
The next way to care for the dog so as not to be stressed is to create an environmental atmosphere so that the dog feels comfortable. An example is to clean the cage regularly, change the food bowl, and create a calm atmosphere. If the environment around the dog’s house or kennel is quite noisy, then obviously this will bother him.

3 Keep away from sources of stress
If the dog at home is already stressed, then you should first find out what is the source of the cause. For example, noise, uncomfortable atmosphere, and lack of interaction with the owner. If the source of the stress is that you should keep it away for a while until the stress subsides.

4 Doing Massage and Give Gifts
The reason the dog feels stressed could be due to blisters on long trips. For that, you need to give him a small massage to the dog so that he becomes more relaxed. This method also loosens the muscles in the dog that is giddy during the long journey.

5 Feeding Routines
Stressful dogs can also be triggered by owners forgetting to feed them. This hungry dog is prone to stress. Especially if you leave it too long and don’t feed it. Don’t be surprised if they get stressed and their animal instincts emerge.

Therefore, provide food at the hours that are scheduled. In addition to feeding time, what needs to be considered from how to care for dogs is to meet their nutritional intake. One of them is Life’s Abundance dog food.

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