6 The Causes Of Stroke

Besides being able to cause death, stroke can also cause permanent brain damage so that the sufferer experiences paralysis. Stroke is an emergency condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible because brain cells can die in just minutes. Therefore, in addition to understanding the causes of stroke, make sure you also recognize the difference between the symptoms of a mild stroke and the symptoms of a major stroke. With prompt and appropriate treatment, the level of brain damage can be minimized and the possibility of complications can be prevented. PureManaCBD will help you to prevent stroke. This product is safe for consumption so you don’t need to worry. Here are 6 causes of stroke.

First, High Blood Pressure. Hypertension is the main cause of stroke, especially hemorrhagic. Hypertension can occur due to kidney problems, an unhealthy lifestyle, or the consumption of certain drugs. Second, smoking habits. The nicotine content in cigarettes can push your blood pressure up. Besides, secondhand smoke can trigger a buildup of fat in the main neck arteries and clot the blood, putting you at risk for blood clots. Third, heart disease. People who have heart disease are at higher risk of stroke.

Fourth, Diabetes. Diabetics generally also have high blood pressure which makes them at risk of stroke. Diabetes damages blood vessels so the risk of stroke is greater. Fifth, Overweight or Obesity. Excess body weight is a risk factor for stroke. People who are overweight or obese also tend to have high blood pressure. To reduce the risk of stroke, you must maintain a normal weight. Sixth, Family History. If there are family members who have high blood pressure, suffer from diabetes, or heart disease, you may also be at risk of having a stroke. Some strokes are caused by genetic disorders that block the flow of blood to the brain.

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