Air Fryer vs. Oven, Which One To Choose?

Both produce crisp food textures. Is it necessary to buy an air Fryer even though you already have an oven? It is better to recognize the difference between the two. Nowadays, air fryers are popular for frying healthier foods with crispy flavors. In frying or grilling, both these tools do use a little oil when cooking. So it is equally healthy and lower in calories. If you want to find the best air fryer, you can visit our website right now and find the best commercial air fryer rotaryana.

But there is a difference between frying and grilling. An air fryer is an easy tool with a simple shape. The difference with the oven is the oven has heat from the top and bottom so that the food is more evenly cooked.

Then, should you have an air fryer if you already have an oven? Here are some points of difference between the two.

1. Difference Between Air Fryer and Oven
The oven can produce heat because it is aided by several elements. The heat slowly spreads throughout the oven as time goes on. Of course, the oven will help cook faster because of the rapid conduction of heat into food. On the other hand, the air fryer also uses fast air technology to produce heat and does not require elements such as the oven. The air circulating through the air fryer will be faster than the air that moves in the oven.

2. Food Texture
The air fryer tool produces more crispy and flavorful food compared to the oven. So the taste and texture are similar to fried foods.

3. Capacity
The oven has a larger cooking space compared to an air fryer. You can put a lot of food at once in the oven, while the air fryer is usually designed to cook in smaller portions.

4. Cooking Duration
Food is usually cooked faster in the air fryer because the movement of the air is faster than in the oven.

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