Anticipating Roof Problems

The roof of the house has a very important role for a house. Located at the very top and provides a function that is not playing games for homeowners. You could say that the right roof will provide comfort for the residents of the house. Apart from protecting residents of the house and its contents, the roof also has another function, namely to enhance the appearance of the house itself. That is why there are so many choices of roofs with various attractive colors and models. But behind this very important function, it turns out that the roof has a problem that is quite draining and mindful. Especially when the rainy season comes, there will be roof issues that need attention from the professional Brajar Roofing.

To anticipate various problems regarding this roof, you should make repairs at several points that are considered to be problematic when the rain comes. To make repairs, it requires a lot of money. Especially if you have to replace the roof structure as a whole. Before it’s too late then you just need to pay close attention to the roof and then make repairs. Tile sagging is indeed a common problem that is often unknown to the owner of the house. This is only natural because you don’t check or see the condition of the tile every day. Moreover, the tile is located above the house. The sagging tile will cause a leak when the rain comes. To solve this one problem is quite easy, you only need to return the tile to its place so that it doesn’t slide anymore.

Of course, you have to be careful doing this one thing, even though it looks quite easy but quite dangerous. Instead, you can repair it, if you step on the tile wrongly then you can make all the tiles crack. Especially if the tile is made of clay. In general, clay tiles are designed with an angle of 27.5 degrees to 40 degrees. And when the angle doesn’t fit, this is where the water has its way in. You can make a sloping angle with an angle that is greater than 40 degrees so that the tile is in position. If possible, then you can nail the batten that is located right under the tile so it doesn’t sag easily.

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