Arrested for DUI?

The car accidents are sometimes inevitable. If you’re not the one who cause an accident, then you will get the chance to walk out of the court freely. Unfortunately, when you’ve caught in an accident and you’re clearly under the influence of alcohol, then you will likely be considered as guilty by the judge, even tough you’re not the one who’ve caused it. Even when you’re driving your car safely, as a long as you’ve been found out by the officer that you’ve driven your car in a drunk state, you will have to be charged with the DUI regulations. When it happens, calling Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing can be a good idea.

Expect the lowest punishment or walk out free from the court when you’ve helped by these two lawyers. Their team of professionals is more than capable of helping you to claim your rights during the trial. With more than 40 years of experience with the DUI cases, they’ve helped so many people from within, and most of the cases have been solved with the satisfying result. Do not hesitate to call the team when you’ve caught drunk driving by the police officer.

This team will even help you during the nights, weekends, and holidays. As you know, during the new year eve, some people choose to get drunk at that special day. When you’ve caught by the officers during the holidays, it may be hard for you to call a lawyer to get some legal support at that time. Fortunately, the Parks & Braxton’s team is always ready to help anyone with the DUI cases in Tampa, even during the holidays! You may rely on their team while the other lawyers are enjoying the holidays just like you.

Even if you’ve been oppressed fiercely by the people at the court, this team will be able to protect you with the smartest, the most effective, and the most powerful tactics that will help you to get your rights back. The team will help you to gather all of the necessary information that may prove you innocent or at least the evidence and data that they gather can reduce your punishment. It’s not just about proving your innocence, but it’s also about convincing the judge as well. The DUI is actually kinda hard to be won except your hire the right lawyers. That’s why calling the Parks & Braxton’s team can be your best choice whenever you’ve been charged with the DUI cases in Tampa.

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