Avoid Packing Mistakes While Going On Vacation

Expertise in packing or packing needs to be mastered so that you can travel comfortably and practically. Wherever it is and whatever the purpose of your trip, whether it’s a vacation, returning home, or a business trip, many personal needs often make it difficult for you to pack clothes and other items. Without applying the right clothes packing technique and how to pack shoes in a suitcase, you can be sure that when traveling later you will have to bother yourself with your luggage.

These tips can help you pack clothes more effectively. No matter how long you leave the house and no matter how many types of items you need to bring, everything can be transported and stored neatly. Most importantly, the number of suitcases can be minimized.

Before sorting your items and putting them in your suitcase, collect all your clothes, shoes, personal items, and other items in one big pile. You don’t need much consideration whether these items are essential or not when you are sorting and grouping the items. Just take all the things you need first. In addition to speeding up the process of grouping items later – when packing clothes you no longer need to go back and forth to pick up items – this shirt packing technique also avoids leaving behind items that are apparently needed.

The mistake that often occurs in the shirt packing technique is not properly sorting the items that are put into the suitcase. Leave items that are not too essential, the number of clothes can be minimized by bringing more neutral colors so they are easier to mix and match. Each item is then grouped by type. At this stage of packing clothes, items other than clothes, such as underwear, toiletries, make up, and shoes should be stored separately in their own compartment. Especially for toiletries and make-up, use a waterproof compartment so you don’t get dirty clothes and other items.

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