Bacteria And Viruses May Live For Quite A Long Time In The Toilet

Some viruses and bacteria can live for up to two hours on the surface of the objects they land on. So even if your hands are clean, if someone uses a restroom before you are sick, he can leave a trace of his illness and then be caught by you. Plus, viruses, parasites, and bacteria are invisible microscopic organisms, so you will never know who is sick around you. So, do not rule out the possibility that the disease can spread in a closed area if the occupants of the room do not wash their hands after from the toilet and/or after coughing and sneezing. In addition, various germs and viruses that cause infectious diseases can multiply more rapidly in a humid environment and have minimal air circulation, such as in a bathroom. So, your risk of getting infected with a virus or bacteria is even higher if you don’t wash your hands after getting out of the toilet. On the other hand, you may need to hire the recommended servicios generales whenever you wish to get the qualified experts for ensuring the cleanliness of your public toilets.

Besides after going from the toilet, when is the right time to wash your hands?

Before eating. If you cook your meal yourself, make it a habit to clean your hands before, during, and after the cooking process.

When you will enter the house, after doing activities outside the home.

After holding animals or pets. Because it can be a lot of bacteria that sticks to the fur of your pet.

Before and after visiting a sick person.
After you cough or sneeze, so as not to transmit germs to other people.

This is the right and clean way to wash your hands from the toilet:

Wet your hands with running water.
Apply soap to your hands.

Clean all surfaces of both sides of the hand, including the back of the hand, between fingers, under the nails to the wrist.

Rub your hands with soap for about 20 seconds.
Rinse with running clean water.

Dry your hands with a clean towel or tissue.

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