Best Cleaner For Dirty Carpet

Carpet stains from spilled juices or spicy foods are difficult to clean, right? No need to worry, you can use a foam-type carpet cleaner for stubborn stains like this. Not only can it remove dirt, but this type can also fade dark stains caused by coffee or soy sauce spills, you know. Apart from the foam type, the spray type also has an equally good effect on treating stains that are difficult to clean. As much as possible, choose those that are not in direct contact with the hands. Foam or spray type cleaners can indeed clean dust well. However, these products can make your skin feel rough if you hit your hands too often. Be careful if you are a person who has sensitive skin, make sure you choose the best carpet cleaner spray.

As much as possible avoid direct contact with hands when using this carpet cleaner. If available, choose a product that comes with a brush so that you can use the brush after applying the product. Spray type carpet cleaners usually have other additional functions, such as repelling mites, antibacterial, and as a deodorizer. So, if you have a baby and want the carpet to be free from mold and mites, choose products with additional functions. Products like this are also perfect if you want to get rid of pet odors on carpets.

This product can be a solution for those of you who want to clean carpets, but don’t have much time. How to use it is easy, just spray the foam on the carpet stain and leave it until the foam penetrates the carpet fibers. After that, wipe with a rag to remove the dirt. Besides, this product formulation has also been made in such a way as to dry faster. You no longer need to rinse your carpet with water or wait a long time to dry your carpet. Using it is not difficult, it can even be combined with a vacuum cleaner to make your carpets optimally cleaner. Not only that, but this cleaning fluid can also remove bad odors from your carpets.

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