Best Flower Varieties for Gifts of Congrats

Which flowers are ideal for sending congratulations? The following blossoms represent sentiments like congratulations, adoration, joy, success, achievement, and respect in the Victorian language of flowers known as floriography. When sending a gift to someone to express congratulations, take into account these congratulations flowers from Today Flowers.

1. Roses
Orange roses are preferable for sending congratulations to acquaintances and coworkers rather than family members because they frequently convey a message of encouraging camaraderie. White roses are appropriate for both recent weddings and engagement celebrations.

2. Daisies
Because they represent the student’s diligence and desire to move on to something new, some people also like them as graduation bouquets.

3. Peonies
Since white peonies are frequently used in bridal bouquets, they also work nicely for anniversaries. The pink Peony may have a charming appearance, but it’s truly a lucky flower.

4. Marigolds
Sending someone a bouquet of mixed-color daisies, particularly the striking Gerbera variety, can lift their spirits after making a challenging choice.

5. Carnations
Carnations are excellent for customizing a bouquet to the recipient’s preferred color scheme without affecting the arrangement’s main meaning.

6. Orchids
Particularly purple orchids exude a sense of fulfillment and royalty that is perfect for marking someone’s graduation or the start of a new career. Because of their exquisite appearance, white orchids are an excellent choice for commemorating someone’s engagement or anniversary.

7. Calla lilies
They can be kept alone for a special arrangement or combined with other lilies for a more comprehensive expression of congratulations.

8. Irises
Since it develops from rhizomes you can sow in the fall, this is one of the simplest flowers to grow at home for cutting.

9. Hydrangeas
Thanks to their strong, cloud-like appearance, large masses of Hydrangea blossoms convey a message of support and joy.

10. Chrysanthemums
This is a great flower to honor someone’s ardor and dedication if you’re commemorating their milestone achievement or a golden wedding anniversary.

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