Best Photo Angle Selection Techniques

Photo angle is a certain shooting angle that is applied when the camera will shoot an object. By paying attention to the position of the camera when aiming at the object. The fotografo profesional is very attentive and uses many photo angle techniques.

If the same object is photographed from different angles, it will produce different interpretations. Depends on what message will be conveyed by the photographer.

Several types of photo angles can be used:

1. Eye Level
The most normal shooting angle and often used is the normal eye or normal viewing angle. With this angle, the camera lens will be shot parallel to the height of the object being photographed.

Since this shooting angle is normal, the resulting photo is more or less the same as what you would see with your normal eye.

This normal eye technique or normal angle is more often used to photograph humans with all their activities or human interests. Then the human face or object is more visible.
This includes smiles, eyes, and frowns. The results of the photoshoot will also produce the characteristics of the object being photographed.

2. Low Angle
Low Angle is a shooting technique where the camera position is lower than the object being photographed. Or a bottom-up angle capture. With this shooting angle, the object will look elegant, tough, strong, dominant, and luxurious.

This shooting angle is most often used in this type of cityscape photography. That is a type of photography that captures beauty from an urban angle and a distinctive atmosphere. For example objects of high-rise buildings or skyscrapers, trees, and others.

In addition to objects that already look large, low angles are also often used to photograph regular-sized objects. The goal is to highlight the object.

A low angle with the right composition will produce unusual object dimensions. Especially if you use a wide-angle lens with 28 mm or 35 mm.

If you want to photograph objects with a low angle then don’t be afraid to experiment. Not a few photographers are willing to lie on the ground to produce amazing low-angle photos.

3. High Angle
The opposite of low angle, the high angle is a technique of taking objects with a higher angle than the object. Taking objects from above will bring out the composition freely into the frame that you will shoot.

This technique will also produce objects that look small. With the impression of being low, weak, inferior, and lonely. However, the resulting object looks more focused, simple, and not wide.
The effect of a high angle can convey the characteristics or activity that is being carried out by the object without losing the surrounding background.

In this unusual point of view, the resulting work focuses more on the object itself than others. In general, this technique can be applied to various objects around you.

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