Build And Clean Your Email List For Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaign

The first thing you have to do before starting email marketing is to build and continue to develop your email list. You can build your email list by using the signup feature on your website. Email subscriptions forms must always be visible on your website, whether on the homepage, blog page or on the footer of your website. If your company often does offline events and opens a booth for your business, you can give people the choice to enter your email into your email list to get more news and information from your business. In the meantime, if you want to know more about an effective online marketing automation method, you may want ClickFunnels Free Trial: Get Up To 6 Months Free!

Your email list also, of course, needs to be “clean”. What is meant by clean here? Your e-mail list must be filled with e-mails from customers who really want to read your e-mail. To ensure this, you need to do a 2-step option. What is that? So when someone subscribes to an email, send a confirmation email. This email confirmation is sent so that only interested people will subscribe to your e-mail, not spammers. In addition, the confirmation email can also help you ensure that your email subscribers are active and not spam emails or the like.

One of the things that must be in your email when you send an email is the Unsubscribe button. Maybe you are confused why you should put the unsubscribe button in your email when you don’t want to lose your subscriber email. One reason why you should do this is to give your subscribers a choice to stop receiving emails from you. If you don’t provide this option, they can easily mark your e-mail as a spam e-mail.

In order to ensure that your e-mail list is “clean”, you also need to check whether there are bounced e-mails and emails that fail to be sent to your e-mail subscriber. Before you send your newsletter or e-mail marketing, review your e-mail list and delete the subscribers on the bounced e-mail list and fail to get e-mails from you.

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