Can Breast Massage With Olive Oil Bring Benefits For Women?

Olive oil has popularity as a healthier oil for cooking, compared to other oils in general. In recent years, olive oil has also become popular for massaging various parts of the body, including the breasts. Olive oil can hydrate and moisturize the skin. Some people even venture to claim that olive oil is able to enlarge and tighten sagging breasts. Meanwhile, if you want to get more than just a breast massage, which is a full-body massage, we suggest you find the best gold coast massage Malama.

Here is the explanation of the benefits of breast massage with olive oil:

It has the potential to tighten breast skin

Tightening sagging breast skin is a very tempting benefit of breast massage with olive oil. But unfortunately, because there is no strong evidence to support this claim, according to theory, olive oil’s polyphenol and antioxidant properties can tighten sagging skin. But keep in mind, the skin on the breasts is very thick, so topical products (spreads) like olive oil cannot penetrate into them. Plus, the breasts tend to sag due to gravity, not due to premature aging.

It enlarges breasts, is it possible?

Breast massage with olive oil is believed to increase its size. Again, there is no strong evidence to support this claim. Many believe that olive oil, almonds, coconut, and lavender can enlarge breasts. In fact, the only medically proven way to enlarge breasts or tighten sagging breast skin is surgery.

It moisturizes the breast skin

Olive oil has been trusted to be a natural skin moisturizer. Not only facial skin, but breast skin can also be moisturized with olive oil. Some of the benefits of breast massage with olive oil have not been proven to be effective, especially the claims that olive oil can enlarge or tighten breast skin. Therefore, you are advised to consult first to the doctor before applying olive oil to the skin of the breast.

It inhibits the arrival of premature aging

Like other parts of the body, breast skin can experience premature aging such as wrinkles. Usually, premature aging can be prevented with antioxidants. That is why many women massage their breasts with olive oil. Olive oil contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals, “parasites” that can cause skin cell damage, the cause of premature aging.


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