Chakra Practioner Choose The One That Have The Best Way To Give Advice and Healing Method

You have made the decision to seek help in your quest and are willing to invest time and money to achieve your goals. Fees vary from chakra practitioner to practitioner, but that alone is not enough to help you make a decision when it comes to choosing a chakra practitioner that suits your style, energy level, and desired results. Today there are more metaphysical practitioners, Reiki healers, life coaches and spiritual advisors than ever before. They all say they have the ability to improve their lives.

They put you on the right track and help you achieve your goals. Below are different modalities and ways to help you determine which practitioner and what type of approach will work best for you, a good first step to unblocking the chakras and releasing stagnant energy. Note: Reiki is not a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological intervention. Choosing a chakra practitioner, as the number of Reiki practitioners has increased over the years and now at more than ever, finding one is important. That harmonizes with your vibrational pattern and your needs, be it for treatment or to learn the art of Reiki yourself. Here are the key guidelines consider the importance of energy: Does the Reiki practitioner appear healthy, focused, kind, caring, and open? Remember that the practice of Reiki requires the energy to be channeled through the practitioner to you.

Ask yourself if you want that energy to flow through that person and into your energy body. There are many stories of clients and students who have become ill after a Reiki session or class with a particular chakra practitioner, with the explanation that they are adjusting to the energy. If you feel bad after a session, do not continue with that practitioner. This is not a normal or healthy reaction to treatment after a Reiki session; you should feel relaxed, energetic, lighter and more comfortable.

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