Cleaning Sticker Glue That Sticks On Car

Are you a vehicle owner who likes to install various custom Bumper Stickers and remove stickers from car windows? If so, maybe the information on how to remove the glue marks on the car body will be very helpful. Because one of the problems that are often faced when installing stickers or replacing them is that the glue that sticks doesn’t want to go away. Don’t worry, here’s how to clean it.

1. Using gasoline or kerosene. Gasoline and kerosene are still effective ingredients for removing sticker glue marks left on the car body. How to wash the glue marks with gasoline and kerosene is quite easy. First, prepare a brush, gasoline, plastic wrap, dish soap, microfiber cloth, and an exterior cleaner. Then, apply gasoline/kerosene to the car sticker to be removed and cover the surface of the sticker with plastic wrap for ten minutes. After that, open the plastic wrap and remove the sticker from the top end and then slide it down. Apply kerosene/gasoline again if the glue marks are still there, then wait one minute. Clean the remaining glue and spray with an exterior cleaner. Scrub using a microfiber cloth that has been dipped in the soapy liquid. Finally, dry with a clean cloth.

2. Clean with alcohol. Alcohol is still a safe material to use because it dries quickly and doesn’t leave marks. How to remove glue marks on the car body is also easier than using gasoline or kerosene. First, prepare a clean cloth and rub alcohol. Second, wet the cloth with alcohol. Third, rub the surface of the car that has traces of glue until it is completely gone. Fourth, take another cloth, wet it with water, and clean the remaining alcohol and glue on the car body.

3. Remove glue marks with acetone. Acetone may be used more often as a nail polish remover. However, the benefits of acetone are not only removing nail polish but also being able to remove the remaining sticker glue stuck to the exterior of your favourite vehicle. Acetone will dissolve all materials made of plastic.

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