Corderio Background and All of His Achievement in Martial Art

Rafael Cordeiro grew up in the city of Curitiba in the Brazilian state of ParanĂ¡, entered the famous Chute Boxe Academy at the age of 13 and started training Muay Thai, became obsessed with the sport and trained every day, in just 4 years he had one black belt in muay thai won by the academy. After earning his black belt at 17 and taking part in amateur muay thai, Cordeiro turned pro. For more than a decade, Rafael Cordeiro fought professionally in Muay Thai.

Chute Boxe became three times Brazilian lightweight champion from Brazil and also had Jiu-Jitsu classes and Vale Tudo, in which Rafael also trained. He had his first professional Vale Tudo fight in 1993 at a Capoeira vs. Chute Boxe event. Rafael Cordeiro would win his debut by Cut and then win his next two fights 3 years later.In his fourth fight, Rafael was eliminated for grabbing the rope, but he recovered in his next fight and won the Vale Tudo lightweight championship by deciding against Henry Matamoros. After 13 years as a chute boxe trainer for 10 years, Rafael decided to open his own school, decided to step down as a chute boxe punching coach and move to Huntington Beach, California. opened his academy Kings MMA.

Given that he had a lot of fighters in the UFC, it made sense that he had an MMA gym in the US. He brought along many chute boxing fighters, including current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Opened his gym in 2010, Kings MMA was an instant hit. Many American fighters wanted the legendary chute boxing style training that Rafael Cordeiro offered.After opening his academy, he trained several MMA world champions. In the more than 3 decades that he has been a coach, he has trained numerous MMA and Muay Thai world champions. In MMA, Rafael helped guide his fighters in several world championships.

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