Definition and Uses of Transparent Stickers

Transparent stickers are stickers that use a transparent base material so they can be affixed to an object without disturbing or filling the object, and in this article, we will provide a complete explanation of these types of stickers starting from their definition, types, uses, and the Custom Stickers printing process.

Transparent stickers are stickers that are printed on transparent vinyl using a digital printing process, which can produce stickers with a clear background, be it one color or multiple colors. Because it uses a digital printing process, these stickers can also be printed using gradient colors or other colors following the desired design, so that the resulting sticker prints can be more optimal. For the glue or adhesive part, usually use an oil-based adhesive, or better known as solvent-based, so the object to be affixed to the sticker should be completely clean and free of splashes of water.

Some of the advantages that you can get from using transparent stickers are that one of them is because the basic material is transparent, so it will not interfere with or cover the surface layer of the object on which the sticker is attached. Unlike the sticker that uses a white background that can cover the pasted object, on a transparent sticker this will not happen, except in the design area of ​​the printed sticker. This sticker also has good resistance and is also waterproof and does not fade easily, so it can be used for a long time because the design does not easily fade or tear.

Unfortunately, this transparent sticker also has several weaknesses that are quite often experienced by those who use it, such as the surface of the sticker that is dewy, especially when it is exposed to water, and also if it is affixed to an object whose color collides with the sticker design, it can make the sticker design not too bright. clearly visible and seem faded. That’s why the technique of installing and drying stickers, as well as determining the object to be affixed to the sticker needs to be carefully considered so that these two things (foggy and invisible) don’t happen to the transparent sticker that you print.

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