Diving Deep: Personalization Tales from the Higher Ed Ad World

Alright, dear reader, fasten your seatbelt! We’re about to embark on an intriguing journey through the ever-vibrant universe of higher education digital advertising companies. And our focus? The magic of personalization. Let’s unroll some captivating case studies to see how the personal touch can turn digital marketing into a heartwarming storytelling session.


1. The “Choose Your Own Major” Adventure:
Remember those ‘choose your adventure’ books? One university, aided by a savvy advertising agency, embarked on a similar journey. Their online ad campaign kicked off with a simple question, “What’s your dream career?” From there, prospective students ventured down tailored pathways. Whether it was marine biology, space science, or Renaissance literature, the content reshaped itself, ensuring a unique experience for every student. Result? A 27% boost in course inquiries. Pure magic!

2. Chatbots with a Personality (or Two!):
Introducing Eva and Adam – chatbots created for two different universities. But here’s the twist: while Eva was the epitome of enthusiasm and chirpiness, Adam had a more scholarly, calm demeanor. By mirroring the university’s core ethos through these chatbots, students felt an immediate connection. Enrollment rates? Up by a whopping 19% and 22%, respectively. Who knew bots could be so human-like?

3. VR Campus Tours with a Personal Guide:
A tech institute, wanting to showcase its cutting-edge environment, collaborated with a digital marketing agency to provide VR campus tours. But the cherry on top was the ability for students to select a personal guide. Be it a robotics enthusiast, a solar energy pioneer, or an AI guru, students could roam the campus with a guide resonating with their interests. This immersive experience led to a 31% increase in on-campus visits post-VR tours. Future, here we come!

4. Retargeting with a Memory:
Now, this is where things get super interesting. One college’s retargeting campaign didn’t just remind students of their existence but remembered past interactions. Did a student pause at the music program but skipped the athletics section? Their retargeted ads showcased guitar strings, not soccer fields. This attention to detail saw an incredible 35% rise in application forms filled. Oh, the power of observation!

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