Do You Know These 4 Common Functions Of Music?

According to the philosopher Plato from Athens, Greece, the function of music has an adequate role in human life. Also, he mentioned that the function of music has a strong enough influence in the political field. Music can be the strength for our cause. Some can even say that the victory or collapse of a country can be caused by the music. Additionally, if you need some rap music for your videos, you can simply Buy beats from a good store.

Are you curious about other music functions? Well, here we summarize the 4 common functions of music from various sources:

1. Music helps us express our emotions better

Researchers have found that listening to music can increase a person’s emotions. They are more expressive and effusive in expressing opinions.

2. Music as a form of communication

The next function of music is to act as a means of communication in social relations in the community. Music is a universal language capable of creating peace, human solidarity, and combining differences. This will be able to support the creation of a communication medium among humans. Music has become a social language and a medium of communication in human life, even though they come from different nations. Music is a communication medium that can be easier to understand, even though you don’t understand the language of the music you listen to.

3. Lowering blood pressure

Those who suffer from high-blood pressure can listen to soft music every morning and night to lower their blood pressure.. According to research mentioned at the meeting of the American Society of Hypertension in New Orleans, listening to classical music for 30 minutes and Celtic music every day can reduce high blood pressure significantly.

4. It energizes us

Besides being able to hear the melodious voice of your favorite musician, listening to music can help increase your energy instantly, you know. To get this music function, pop or techno is a suitable music genre to listen to. The prominent bass boom can make you more energized. Pump-up music can make you feel stronger and faster. So, if you need an instant energy boost while working, there’s nothing wrong with listening to music.

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