Factors Of Waist Pain After Exercising

Regular exercise should make your body healthier. However, some people complain of lumbago after exercising. The causes of lumbago are generally related to the exercise techniques that you do. If the way is wrong, the impact is certainly not good for your body. Meanwhile, call the best chiropractic chiropractor Pittsburgh whenever you’ve got severe back or waist pain after exercising.

What are the causes of waist pain after exercising?

Lumbago after exercising can be caused by several factors, ranging from muscle movement errors to injury. Here are some of them.

1. Tense body muscles
Your body’s muscles will become tense if you lift a weight that is too heavy or do wrong exercise techniques, especially in the type of exercise that burdens the back muscles. Types of exercise include pull-down, weight lifting, and exercise that requires your body to do curving, twisting, and reaching.

Tense muscles are included in the category of minor injuries, but if left unchecked can cause inflammation in the muscles and cause seizures.

2. Injury between the spine plates
Between the vertebrae, there is a plate that helps to move your spine and protect it from the impact. This plate can get injured when you do a sport that involves a high jump and makes you land hard using your feet.

3. The hip flexor muscles are too tense
The hip flexor muscles function to connect the upper leg muscles with the stomach in the front of the body. If the flexor muscles are too tense during exercise, the pelvic muscles will be pulled forward and cause the body’s weight to move in that direction.

The back of your body is under pressure because it has to hold the load. This is the cause of back pain once you have finished exercising.

4. Abdominal muscles are too weak
The strength of the abdominal muscles is very important in exercising. Because the muscles in this area function to maintain the stability of the back and limbs. If your abdominal muscles are weak, your back muscles must hold your weight and stretch beyond your ability.

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