Feeding For Goats

Goats do not need grain, but these animals really like to chew it. Grains are also suitable when the weather is cold or if the grazing is too small to provide a variety of crops. Provide several types of food, such as hay, oats, bran, and barley. Goats generally eat 3-4% of their body weight every day. You should feed the goat based on its body weight. You only need to provide additional food if the supply of plants in the grazing is not sufficient. You can get more info on ChristianHomesteading.com.

You also have to provide additional food for female goats that will give birth or goats that will be slaughtered so that their bodies gain weight. You can also use feed pellets, which are rich in nutrients. This feed can be used to replace grains. When the weather is cold, provide additional food to help fight the cold. For example, you can give grain as much as 4% of its body weight if the goat is reluctant to graze outside the cage.

Although they like to eat grass, goats do not like to eat food that is placed on the ground. Placing the food on the ground will reduce the chance of mold growing, and prevent insects from eating it. When you provide food, such as hay, place it on the cage wall or fence post. A feeder for horses can be a good choice. If you keep more than one goat, use a wide feeder. It’s possible that the goats will push each other when they eat, and the tight feeder can cause injury.

Use a vet-recommended salt lick supplement. Goats need a variety of vitamins and minerals in their diet, but the quality of their diet can depend on the quality of the soil and the food they eat. Usually, goats do need supplements.

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