Flowers Suitable for Graduation and Their Meanings

Graduation from school or university is a joy for graduates and their families. Therefore, as an expression of congratulations and happiness, a bouquet is usually used as a gift at graduation. Even now there are more and more graduation flower bouquets that are added to dolls candies and chocolates. However, a bouquet or flower arrangement remains a classic choice at graduation parties. Even though graduations were held virtually due to the pandemic, now several universities are again holding face-to-face graduations. You can buy it directly from the store or through flower delivery.

So, what flowers mean graduation and are suitable to be given as a bouquet of graduation flowers to your family or friends who have just graduated from school or college? Here are some of them.

1. Roses

Roses have been a symbol of many things for thousands of years. Roses were used as confetti during celebrations and as a source of perfume in ancient Rome. Roses were so valuable in the 17th century that royalty used them as legal tender. The rose is an iconic flower and a symbol of love, beauty, and romance. While people often give red roses to significant others, friends and family members may also give roses to graduates to show affection and admiration.

2. Orchids

According to the Ode a la Rose page, orchids are one of the oldest flowering plants in the world. The ancient Greeks sought out certain types of orchids for their aphrodisiac qualities, and the Aztecs used them for flavoring. Orchids rose in popularity as Victorian orchid hunters searched for these beautiful exotic plants. Orchids are fragrant, and enchanting, and come in stunning shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any grad’s bedside table. Orchids symbolize love and beauty and are a way of telling graduates that they are one of a kind. Give graduates an orchid, and you’ll make them feel adored on their special day.

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