Foods That Make Your Face Glowing and Healthier

Keeping your face shiny or glowing, healthy, and well-groomed is not easy. External care, which requires proper skincare, is diligent in seeing the skin requiring care. Apart from external care, the face actually also needs care from the inside, namely through what foods you consume. If you can’t maintain a good diet, eat too much junk food, it will be very possible for the skin to react with acne, dullness, and others. With a healthy diet and best luminous skincare, the face will also be healthy.

Avocado helps relieve irritated skin
Avocado is one of the fruits that are most often used as a natural ingredient mask because its ingredients are indeed good for skin health. Not only that, eating avocado has great benefits for the face because it contains omega 9 and fatty acids that can brighten the skin. In addition, avocado is also able to relieve facial redness and irritation. It is suitable for those of you who have sensitive skin.

Spinach, a vegetable that makes your skin look more supple
Green vegetables are good for the face, including spinach. Spinach contains nutrients that can naturally lighten the skin. In addition, spinach also contains folate which can make the skin more supple and add glowing.

Salmon, is not only tasty but also helps reduce acne
There are various types of fish that are good for the body, salmon is a fish that has the benefit of making the face shinier. Salmon contains omega 3 which smooths the skin and keeps it moisturized. In addition, salmon also has nutrients to fight acne on the face.

Cucumber, suitable for those with dry skin
For those who have super dry facial skin, you must consume cucumber as a treatment from the body. Cucumber is able to hydrate the skin because it contains lots of water, besides that cucumber, also has a refreshing face. Guaranteed glowing face every day.

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