Healthy Bathroom Design

The bathroom becomes an important room in the house that must get maximum attention. In some situations, there are times when we are not too concerned with this part, this room only gets a touch of design and decoration as needed. In fact, bathroom designs such as lighting selection, color, floors, etc., can have quite serious health impacts for us. That is why, you need to do shower tile regrouting.

When you get home, after being tired all day at the office or after doing various other outdoor activities, the first thing to think about is to immediately clean, take a shower, or maybe even soak in a tub of warm water in the bathroom. Bathing in other words is an activity that can reduce stress, improve blood circulation, increase immunity, and is also a detoxification activity that will eliminate toxins in the body. Therefore, the bathroom design must also be able to support and provide a positive atmosphere, comfortable, soothing, and certainly healthy.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to some general principles of healthy and refreshing bathroom design below, so that the room is able to support your relaxation activities.

Pay close attention to this part. The bathroom floor can use ceramic, stone, gravel, or even cement. Make sure the material used is not slippery. The recommended bathroom floor is a non-slip finish.

Shower, Bathtub, and Sink
Shower, bathtub, and sink have a variety of types and sizes and materials used. Choose and adjust to your desires and needs. A good bathtub must be able to provide extra comfort when soaking while lying down and when sitting. Models with classic, vintage designs can be a unique and attractive aesthetic addition to space.

Bathroom lighting must be designed and maximized in wet areas. The bathroom must get excellent lighting or lighting in order to have perfect visibility.

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