How AI Works

Artificial intelligence works according to programming algorithms on a given computer system in the manufacturing process. Algorithm programming framework of artificial intelligent in processing various types of data. Reporting from Brookings, artificial intelligent programming algorithms require large and powerful data for computers to distinguish useful patterns. With so much data and complex algorithms, machines seem to be able to think for themselves, make decisions, learn, and adapt. Learn more about machine learning computer vision on our website.

Artificial intelligence has many good impacts such as increasing work effectiveness. Systems with artificial intelligence tend to work faster, more accurately, and have fewer errors caused by fatigue and carelessness.

With artificial intelligence, it can increase the likelihood of successful medical treatment. For example, the da Vinci surgical system uses robotic technology to perform operations that are more precise, accurate, and minimally traumatized to patients. The negative impact of artificial intelligence is the major changes it causes to the work system of mankind. Where a lot of work will be done by machines with artificial intelligence, it is feared that it will shift the human workforce and cause unemployment. The existence of machines with artificial intelligence can enlarge social inequality. Because investors as well as artificial intelligent companies will reap a lot of profits, while people who are replaced by machines will experience poverty.

Artificial intelligence that can adapt, is considered scary because it may come to the stage that they no longer need humans as their masters. In other words, machines with intelligence can ignore the commands and controls given by humans and run according to their own will. Facebook has even stopped artificial intelligence experiments when the two robots named Alice and Bob start talking to each other in their own language that scientists can’t understand. Artificial intelligence makes our lives more efficient because this technology supports many programs and services in daily life.

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