How Often Should I Clean The House?

Keeping the house clean is one part of implementing a healthy life. The reason is, you spend time at home to eat, sleep, or chat with family. If the house you live in is dirty, exposure to dust and germs can make you infected with disease. However, how often do you actually have to clean the house as well as the furniture in it? You can ask virginia cleaners.

When and how often should I clean the house? Did you know that dirt, such as dust, germs, and mold can be anywhere in every corner of your house? Including staying in the furniture that you use every day. Unfortunately, dust and germs often go unnoticed because of their very small size. So, a house that looks clean is not necessarily free of dirt completely.

1. Cleaning kitchen utensils and cutlery
Cleaning kitchen utensils and cutlery of course is done every day. Equipment in the kitchen is used to process and store food. If your kitchen utensils and utensils are dirty, chances are that the food you are processing could be contaminated with dirt. So, extra attention is needed in cleaning kitchen utensils, ranging from knives, cutting boards, containers, spoons, forks, and other utensils. Clean immediately after you use, don’t delay because it makes certain stains more difficult to clean.

2. Cleaning the bathroom at home
The bathroom is one of those rooms that can get dirty quickly. To clean the bathroom in your home, if not every day, do it at least once a week. Do this regularly. The reason, according to the Cleaning Institute page, the bathroom is a favorite place for E.coli bacteria (intestinal bacteria in feces) and fungi to multiply quickly. Start by cleaning the bathtub, toilet, shower, sink, to the shelf for storing toiletries. Do not forget to clean the mirror with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Once a week brush the bathroom floor thoroughly, including changing the mat.

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