How to Avoid the Negative Impact of Standing Too Long

Standing too long due to the demands of work can cause several health problems. However, you certainly can’t quit your job right away. This makes people try various ways to overcome this problem at work, like taking momentary breaks or using anti fatigue mats for restaurants if they work as restaurant waiters or waitresses.

There are several ways to prevent illness due to the effects of standing too long, such as:

1. Sitting Periodically

Have a chair near you, then take time to sit down periodically. Make sure that every 30 minutes, you can sit for at least a few minutes.

When it’s time to rest, take advantage of it by sitting in a chair, taking off your footwear, and placing your feet slightly higher (15 cm) from your seat. This posture can help prevent inflammatory diseases of the muscles, joints, and ligaments in the legs.

2. Change position regularly

The next way to avoid the negative impact of standing too long is to change positions regularly when standing. Stretch the leg muscles, moving the right and left legs alternately, forward or backward. This movement will help improve blood flow in the area.

3. Use the Right Footwear

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the use of proper footwear can help reduce tension in the back and reduce the risk of soreness in the area.

To avoid the effect of standing too long, use shoes that are wide in the toes so they don’t squeeze your fingers. If necessary, you can wear stockings to help the veins keep circulating properly.

4. Maintain Your Weight

One of the factors that cause pain and soreness after standing for too long is a large bodyweight. Both legs and feet will be the support for your weight. Therefore, so that the effect of standing too long does not occur, keep your body weight ideal.

If you are obese or overweight, start exercising and adopting a healthy diet to lose weight.

Work is an obligation. However, if in doing so you have to stand for long periods, you need to be aware of the occurrence of health problems. Follow these ways to avoid the negative effects of standing too long on top, so that you stay healthy and fit while working.

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