How to deal with toothache due to sensitive teeth

Cracked teeth are sometimes difficult to see with the naked eye. However, these small cracks can still cause toothache because painful stimuli can still be absorbed into the dentin layer and cause tooth pain. There are various ways to deal with toothache, according to the cause of your sensitive teeth. Starting from self-care at home to treatment procedures with a dentist-recommended by dental seo.

If special toothpaste for sensitive teeth is not able to relieve the pain you feel, your doctor can provide treatment using fluoride in the form of a gel. Fluoride will be applied to sensitive teeth, to strengthen the outermost layer of the tooth (enamel), and help reduce pain. Using special toothpaste for sensitive teeth can prevent pain due to sensitive teeth. To feel the benefits, you need to use the toothpaste several times. This toothpaste works by blocking the pain response on the surface of the tooth, so it doesn’t reach the nerve of the tooth. To choose the right toothpaste, you can consult with your dentist.

Sensitive teeth can also be caused by the opening of the roots of the teeth, due to the shifting of the position of the gums. To treat sensitive teeth due to this condition, the doctor will usually apply a desensitivity material or bonding material commonly used to fill teeth to the sensitive tooth surface.

If sensitive teeth are caused by damage to the gums, then to reduce the pain that is felt it is necessary to take appropriate treatment. Gingival graft procedures or gum graft surgery can be done to restore the position of the gums that are sagging or down to their original position. Small cracks in the teeth even though they don’t make the teeth look cavities can still be a cause of pain. In cases like this, the dentist will recommend a filling procedure to close the small gap as an effective way of dealing with toothache. If sensitive teeth are caused by bruxism, then you need to wear protective gear while sleeping. That way, the teeth will be protected from friction and prevent the enamel from getting thinner and the pain will be reduced.

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