How To Get Satisfactory Production Operational Conditions

Maintenance is an activity to maintain and maintain existing facilities as well as repair, make adjustments, or replacements needed to obtain a production operating condition by existing plans. That could only be done by a trained operator c. Maintenance is a combination of various actions taken to maintain an item or repair it, to an acceptable condition. Maintenance is an activity to maintain or maintain factory facilities or equipment by making repairs, adjustments, and replacing as needed.

This is to create a satisfactory production operational condition by what has been previously planned. Of course, there is a purpose for why a tool or machine is maintained. The following are the main goals of maintenance:

– Extend the useful life of assets
– Ensure the availability of equipment and operational readiness of equipment and equipment installed for production activities
– Help reduce usage or deviations outside the limit and maintain invested capital for the specified time
– Maintain quality at the right level to meet the requirements of the product itself and uninterrupted production activities
– Reducing the level of maintenance costs as low as possible by maximizing maintenance activities effectively and efficiently
– Meet product requirements and production plans on time
– Improve the skills of supervisors and operators through training activities held
– Avoid maintenance activities that can endanger the safety of workers.

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is carried out in a structured manner. In general, maintenance is carried out periodically, where several activities such as inspection and repair, replacement, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, and equalization are carried out to be the same. Maintenance is carried out to prevent damage or maintenance is carried out periodically within a certain period. The maintenance period can be determined based on experience, data that has been stored, and recommendations from the manufacturer of the tool/machine concerned. Where this treatment can be interpreted as a preventive maintenance strategy. This means that maintenance is carried out regularly to find out if there are obstacles in the tool/machine so that workplace safety can be guaranteed better.

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