How To Remove Stains On Car Paint Surfaces Easily

Taking care of the exterior of a car is indeed important so that the car you have is always maintained. Now, if the car you have is stained, over time it will appear or form spots whose edges can damage the appearance of the car. Maybe there are still many people who underestimate the existence of a small stain that sticks to the surface of car paint and don’t immediately clean it up so that if this small damage becomes large it will certainly drain your pocket right? Do your best care at car detailing los angeles Royal 1 Mobile Detailing.

And did you know that the damage caused to this car paint shows how the owner takes care of their vehicle? Stains that are on car paint usually appear due to splashes of dirt from the streets, bird droppings, raindrops that will gradually cause a water spot, and the dripping of tree sap onto the surface of car paint along the way will accelerate the deterioration of your car’s appearance.

Well, below are some ways you can do to get rid of light stains that have stuck to the surface of car paint and anticipate prevention so that these stains don’t come back.

The first easy way is to wash the car using a special car wash shampoo so that the car is clean from dust and dirt so that this will allow you to see clearly where the stubborn stains are on the car paint surface. Furthermore, cleaning stains caused by bird droppings or insects can be done by using BUG REMOVER.

As for how to clean dirt or asphalt stains that are usually found on the liner around the tires, you can use TAR REMOVER. The application of these two cleaners is also very easy, just spray it to the parts where there is dirt, wait for about 30 minutes then you can rub it with a soft cloth and rinse.

To clean stubborn stains, you can do the above method over and over again until the stain is completely gone. Now, after all the stains have disappeared without a trace, it’s time for you to protect car paint by using special polishing drugs such as polish wax or soft wax.

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