How to Treat Your Internal Oak Doors

An internal wood door can breathe fresh life into both modern constructions and historic buildings. From minimalist all-white rooms to country homes with beams and unique features, the hue of the wood can contrast well with a variety of interior design styles. Although oak interior doors are built to last, because the wood used is a natural material, they perform best when they are properly protected. Internal oak doors have taken a beating from arguments, the kids, and the dog, thus they should be treated nicely. Next, check out our advice for caring for your inside oak doors.

Security & Ventilation
If necessary, lay down dust sheets to protect your floors, and be sure to wear old clothing or an apron while working. Additionally, it is better to operate in a well-ventilated space.

Cover Up
To treat a door properly, it should be unhung, the right size, and devoid of any door furnishings. The handles and hinges should all be removed if you’re treating a door that has already been used.

Stir and Pour the Oil
After your door has been expertly prepared, it is time to treat it. Stir your oil thoroughly. The product can then be easily applied by dispensing a little amount into a paint tray. This is also a wonderful opportunity to make sure your door is dry and clean.

Oil Application
Your large paintbrush should be used to lightly oil the door’s surface. The door’s grain should be followed as you apply long, even strokes. Using a premium microfiber cloth, wipe away any remaining treatment with the excess.

Final Coat & Denib
It’s time to denib after your oak door has dried before adding the last coat. With a finishing pad, denibbing—the process of removing flaws between coats—should be finished. Use a finishing pad with a lower grit, please.

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