Important Car Parts That Must Be Inspected Regularly

Damage to the components of the car’s legs such as a leaking shock absorber can have an impact on tire performance that is no longer optimal. As a result, there is a side of the tire that gets overloaded so that the tread wears out faster. Checking the car’s legs and spooring car tires during regular service on mobile tyre fittings essex can identify potential damage and prevent it. Tires are the hardest part of the journey because they support the weight of the vehicle and make direct contact with the road. Vehicle owners need to check the condition of the tires, both in terms of air pressure and thickness. It can be seen that the tire is under-inflated, so it can increase the air pressure that has been recommended by the manufacturer. Car owners can see the recommended tire pressure and size from the manufacturer on the driver’s door pillar. Meanwhile, if it is thin or the surface is uneven, it is advisable to immediately replace it with new tires.

Tire rotation is carried out to maintain a balance of wear on all car tires so that the tire treads are thinning evenly and gradually. We recommend that you do a tire rotation every 10,000 km or every 6 months. Aggressive driving styles, such as frequently pressing the gas pedal all the way down or braking suddenly, can make the car tires quickly eat up due to friction with the road surface. Including cornering or changing lanes suddenly so that the tires have to work hard to maintain the balance of the car. As a result, the tread will lose more quickly so that it wears out and ends up being damaged prematurely. Therefore, keep your driving behavior on the road to prevent car tires from wearing out quickly.

Car owners clean the vehicle in the interior and exterior to provide comfort for passengers. Starting from removing garbage, items that are not used, and cleaning the dirt in the interior. After that, it was followed by washing the exterior using a special shampoo intended for the car body. Make sure the car is perfectly dry so that there are no water spots or mildew on the body or windshield, including under the car, considering that it is now the rainy season and dirt is stuck under the car to avoid rust. Check the parts that can store water, such as door panels, wipers, tank caps, grille gaps, and fog lamps, as well as the meeting between the door and the car frame.

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