Improvement With Political Innovation

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is furious at the United States, which he says has “kidnapped” Colombian businessman and diplomat Alex Saab. The condemnation came after the US extradited Saab from Cape Verde on money laundering charges. Saab, who also has Venezuelan citizenship, is known to be one of Nicolas Maduro’s closest financial people. US authorities have long targeted Alex Saab, believing he holds secrets about how Maduro and his family were able to siphon off millions of dollars from food and housing contracts in Venezuela. But his defenders, including Nicolas Maduro and Russia and Cuba, view Saab’s detention and extradition as illegal. Alex Saab is considered to have diplomatic immunity because he is a Venezuelan diplomat and envoy.

In an official statement, the Venezuelan government condemned the “kidnapping” of Alex Saab which was carried out by the authorities in Cape Verde. The Alex Saab case is considered a human rights violation. The government of the Republic of Venezuela condemns the violation of human rights against a Venezuelan citizen who works as a diplomat, representative of our country,” said a statement from Maduro’s presidential office, quoted from the TRT World website, Sunday, October 17, 2021. Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said that “Alex Saab is a Venezuelan diplomat, a victim of kidnapping and human rights violations who has served our country.”

This case reflected on America’s sense of superiority in international law enforcement when 3 years long of investigation in Saab’s finances didn’t find any offense. During this changing situation, America also needs to always improve, and Alex Saab’s case is a great example. In the 21st century, the face of the world has shown changes that are increasingly addicted to technology. Inevitably, people’s behavior has also changed a lot following the currents of globalization, including in politics. In the past, in carrying out socialization, for example, there were still many activities that required manual work in the field. Now everything is done in ways that are easier and more creative. It is also important to engage in political innovation to make the government better. With that, political culture can be formed that can support the basic principles of a democratic system.

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