Installation Of An Acoustic Band Sound System For Hotels Or Product Events

Nowadays, the hotel business is growing very rapidly. Not a few land locations eventually built a magnificent hotel on it. The name of the acoustic band must remain in a hotel. Because this will be one of the attractions of visitors.

The treat of a good audio system plus a preamp for SM7B will add to the comfort of hotel visitors. Hotel guests will be annoyed if the sound system of the live music that is served sounds shrill or too strong.

What are the Devices for Acoustic Bands at Hotel or product events?

Talking about the equipment needed for live acoustic music at a hotel or small product events, of course, there isn’t too much to provide. Because we don’t want to make a big concert. It’s quite simple but looks elegant. What is needed is a sufficient Mic, audio mixer, audio power, speakers. For mics, I think there should be a maximum of 5 sets of 5 pieces. And the brand, if possible, uses a Mic whose quality is above average. To be expensive, the important thing is that it will last a long time to use and the quality is maintained.

For a mixer, I recommend using an 8 channel one and there is a delay knob on each channel. Don’t be like the mixers that we usually see in several places, namely the delay is only on the main panel, so it means that when the delay is increased for vocals, other musical instruments will also be delayed. Imagine if the drum or bass has a delay, of course, it is very annoying.

For Power Audio devices, I recommend using only 2000 Watts, of course with well-known brands, so that the power can last a long time and with good quality. Don’t save money, finally buy a fake brand, finally, it hasn’t arrived in a year, the power has broken. The speakers used must also be qualified. At least 2 speaker boxes for the audience and 2 speaker boxes for monitoring the players on stage.

How to Install or Connect all these devices.

To connect the devices that we have discussed above, I don’t think it’s too complicated because here we don’t use a crossover system like in big events in the field.

So in my opinion, we just need to sort it out first, namely Mic – Audio Mixer – Power Audio – Speaker. After this sequence is correct, it remains to connect. For more details, read the previously written article on how to install a sound system.

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