Know The Whipped Cream’s Quality

A simple way to make and store quality whipped cream that is thick, creamy and delicious from liquid cream. Of the many types used in the world of cooking, whipped cream or whipped cream is the best known. Whipped cream is cream that is whipped so that the texture turns out to be soft and light. The use of whipped cream is not only used as cake decorations. But it can also be used as a filling, topping, or mixture of cakes, breads, and even drinks. Get the best tools from nangs Melbourne.

In addition, there is a pure white color. There is also an ivory white color. So is the taste. There is whipped cream which is sweet and also tasteless. Whipped cream contains 25-30% fat. The main ingredient of whipped cream is cream. It can be in powder or liquid form. Liquid cream is more practical because there is no need to add water before beating. You can immediately do the whisking using a mixer until it expands. However, whipped cream can not just so and expand.

Whipped cream can be said to be good if it has the following indications:

The texture is smooth and even
Very soft
Shiny and strong
3 times the volume after the stirring process

It’s pretty easy to make whipped cream. You can even do it yourself at home using a whisk, mixer, or hands. For a homemade whipped cream recipe, use liquid cream and a mixer for maximum results. If you like your own whipped cream recipe with additional flavors like chocolate or vanilla. You can add flavoring according to taste. You can also buy liquid cream with a sweet taste.

If you already know the recipe for making whipped cream, you should also know how to store it. While still in the form of liquid cream, store in the refrigerator. Make sure the liquid cream is always cold. Likewise with ready-made whipped cream. Often, when making cakes, there is leftover whipped cream which is a shame if you have to throw it away. Whipped cream can still be reused another time. It’s best to use the cream within 3 days of storing it in the refrigerator. Because there is a possibility the cream will absorb odors from the refrigerator.

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