Main Causes Of Blockages In Sewers In Kitchen Installations

Drains in household installations that are used every day are prone to blockages. This happens because running water is sometimes followed by other objects such as dust, household waste, and hair loss. You probably won’t find it strange if there isn’t an immediate impact. You will get a big problem after a pipe that is clogged with garbage makes the water line not smooth and even causes damage such as leaks, and a mossy kitchen. Water coming out of a leaky pipe can be more dangerous because it can damage paint and kitchen interiors. At plumbers apprenticeship you can solve this big problem if you already know the point of damage to your pipe.

One of the drains that are prone to clogging is the kitchen installation. As we all know, kitchen installations such as dishwashers or sinks are places to dispose of and clean up leftover food, no wonder the water drainage channel in this section is prone to clogging even though it generally has a wide pipe diameter.

Did you know that the main causes of blockages in the drains in kitchen installations are oil and grease because they do not mix with water and so easily stick with other materials such as pipes?

Fats and oils solidify quickly and stick to the inner walls of your pipes, causing blockages. Special installations for food waste at home are still rarely made because it costs a lot compared to the benefits. This special installation for waste is generally already widely used by restaurants.

Knowing Blockage Points
To find out the point of blockage in the pipeline, both in kitchen installations and other installations, it can be seen from the PVC fittings or PVC pipe connections. During this time when there is a blockage in the waterline, the plumber will guess where the problem is, then dismantle the channel. However, that’s not necessarily true. If the water pipeline has been equipped with fittings or pipe connectors that are at several points, it can be seen with the camera the location of the blockage point.

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