Mix And Match Men’s watches For Parties Based On Clothes

Approaching the end of the year, invitations to attend various kinds of celebrations are common. Starting from sibling weddings, year-end parties with colleagues, and also all-and-new welcoming celebrations with friends. Of course, every event may have its dress code, but looking formal and neat is usually the choice of many men. Men’s watches for parties are one of the mandatory accessories to complete the appearance, unfortunately, not all watches are suitable for wearing to parties. The large selection of best classic watches out there may make you confused about choosing the right watch. The black dial combined with the gold Roman-Stick index makes this watch look classic and elegant. This watch face may look formal but its sleek design makes it appear more modern. This choice of men’s watches for parties is perfect to be combined with a camel-colored blazer with white inner. If you are looking for a men’s watch for a party that is suitable to wear with a dark gray vest and light blue shirt, this Scandinavian watch can be an option. The color combination of dark blue and industrial silver immediately gives off a masculine, modern feel at first glance. This men’s watch for parties also features luminescence in its Roman numeric index, so you can read the time easily at night or in dark places. The blue leather strap will add to the elegant impression.

If you choose to attend the party wearing only your favorite formal shirt, this watch can add the finishing touch to your style. Besides, this Michael Kors watch is also suitable for complementing more fashionable formal clothes, such as a maroon colored suit paired with a halter neck sweater inside. Inspired by the simplicity of vintage watches, this watch combines black and silver colors with chronograph elements as its main attraction. This watch gives a powerful impression and deserves to be taken into account as an investment piece that is suitable for wearing various kinds of men’s formal wear. Starting from a tuxedo suit paired with a white shirt to a black blazer paired with a casual black shirt.

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