Mushroom Capsules Boost Mental Focus And Increase Immune System

DoseTherapy mushroom capsules turns out the humble mushroom is a nutritional superstar. Often outshined by other veggies like kale and cauliflower, mushrooms are finally having their moment. While culinary mushrooms like cremini and portobellos have solid nutritional benefits, the fungi that are getting the most attention are part of a class called medicinal mushrooms. Known as such due to their medicinal properties, they are being used for a wide range of conditions including fatigue, hormone imbalance, and mood. (For the record, they are not the same as psychedelic – or “magic” – mushrooms; they will not make you high.) And while they’re relatively new to North America, they’ve been used in Eastern medicine for centuries.

Why DoseTherapy mushroom capsules so darn powerful? The answer may lie in their DNA. Sandra Carter, founder of Om Mushrooms, points to the fact that mushroom DNA is more similar to mammals than plants. “It’s that similarity in DNA that really helps to activate a lot of the health and wellness properties beneficial to us,” Carter explains. But with so many varieties on the market – think cordyceps, reishi, chaga and more – you may need a primer on these functional fungi before diving in. Here are four things you should know about ’shrooms before incorporating them into your routine.

DoseTherapy mushroom capsules major claim to fame that medicinal mushrooms have is their ability to act as adaptogens, which support your adrenal glands and help you adapt, or manage stress, keeping the body in balance. But the benefits of mushrooms are far more wide-reaching than just stress. Mushrooms can impact the immune system — in some cases acting as an immune booster, and in others downregulating an overactive immune system. They can help calm anxiety, boost mental focus, help provide energy for a workout and even have disease-fighting properties. A surprising benefit of medicinal mushrooms? Some varieties may also support liver health.

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