Owl Is More Than Just A Dashcam

The world is not short of dashcams, but there is something quite special about this new dashcam called Owl. First, the creator is Andy Hodge, a former Apple employee who led the development of the iPod for about best affordable dash camera a decade. Second, the developer believes that it is more worthy of being called a surveillance camera for cars. If you are also interested in other dashcams with more security features, perhaps you want to read some of the best dash cam reviews before you buy a new dashcam.

Like a surveillance camera, of course, its job is to record non-stop, even when the car’s engine is off. Owl packs a pair of cameras; one faces forward with a resolution of 1440p, while the other is tasked with capturing what is happening inside the car’s cabin in 720p resolution – the viewing angle is wide enough to cover part of the side windows of the car.

Users can monitor Owl recordings in real-time via the 2.5-inch touch screen. Voice command support is also available; just say “Ok, presto,” then Owl will send the video clip you just recorded to your smartphone. If necessary, the voice command function can also be used to title the video clip in order to facilitate the search process in the future.

Like modern cars equipped with a series of sensors, Owl also packs a number of sensors to detect various events that occur while you are not in the car. For example, when an Owl detects that someone suspicious is approaching a car, it will emit a light that is bright enough to frighten it.

Besides recording for 24 hours non-stop, Owl, which connects to the car via the OBD port, will also upload everything to the cloud network. Where is the internet connection? From the LTE chip that is embedded in Owl’s tiny body. From there, users can easily access Owl recordings via its companion application on the cellphone.

The owl is actually not the first to implement LTE connectivity on a dashcam. Previously, Acer had launched a similar dash cam, even one with a 360-degree camera.

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