Prevent Serious Health Problems With At-Home Test

In the last couple of years, testing for medical conditions without having to make an appointment and visiting a doctor’s office or clinic is possible. In the comfort of your house, by simply ordering the test kit from on your devices, you just need to send the sample and you will get the result in a few days. If the result is positive, they also provide physician telemedicine for free so you do not have to worry. Of course, this is one of the most convenient ways to prevent more serious illnesses or diseases without wasting time or burdensome cost.

Convenience is probably the biggest selling point for this type of test but many are questioning the benefit or the accuracy of the test. With the at-home lab tests, you will need to send the sample to a laboratory to be reviewed and examined. You do not have to worry because they use the best laboratories and health experts to ensure the result is accurate and according to standards. At-home tests are also easy to perform, oftentimes by a finger-prick method to get a blood sample. Not only that, making an appointment for a healthcare provider could be a hassle. From picking a date to driving to the doctor’s office that could be inconvenient could be dodged by using the at-home test. Even when you do not face to face in a consultation you still call the medical professional service offered.

However, you who are not insured have to be careful because many at-home lab tests are not covered so you have to pay it for on your own. So, make sure you use your health savings or flexible spending to be able to afford these tests. The medical test that you perform in your home might not be 100% accurate, but it does not mean it did not help you understand more about your situation. It is important to remember that the accuracy of a test is vital but its specificity and sensitivity are also factors that crucial in determining whether the test worth it for you and providing all the information regarding your health that you need.

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