Reasons to Hire a VPS

Doubt for VPS rental? You can try VPS Hosting Free. Of course, it becomes a natural problem after all this time using shared hosting. Moreover, visitors are still not stable alias up and down. Sometimes a little, and suddenly increases dramatically. Not infrequently, Web Hosting servers that have never had problems, due to high traffic, become inaccessible.

This condition usually makes panic shared hosting customers and assume the problem occurs on the server. Even though not so long. Shared hosting service providers usually have certain restrictions on the use of resources (resources) on the server. This is to anticipate excessive use on one account and result in another account being disrupted.

When it exceeds the specified capacity, the server will usually disable the web hosting account automatically. This action makes the website inaccessible. When asking a Support Service, the case of a website that is overloaded due to high access will usually be recommended VPS rental. Of course, after checking the cause of the website can not be accessed.

Can Make Multiple Hosting Accounts In One VPS
In the usually shared hosting service, users can only add domains in one hosting account. Different when using VPS. You can install the Web Host Manager (WHM) panel and create multiple cPanel accounts in one VPS. This will also be an interesting advantage if you work to serve several clients, or even can make your own hosting provider company.

Running a System Is Not Only Web Hosting
VPS can not only be used to store website files. You can store various kinds of files or even make it file storage (Cloud Storage), such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. The method is also quite easy. You only need to install Owncloud on the VPS server and upload some files using an attractive user-interface. However, there are other ways also without installing third-party applications, namely using FTP. However, this method is more complicated, because it must use the command text.

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