Responsibility Of IT Support

Being a good IT Support in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX turns out to have several jobs to do in addition to making repairs for any damage or problems that occur. The following is a list of jobs that are the responsibility of an IT support available at, in addition to installing and repairing, they need to perform a virus scan. Virus scanning is an activity that an IT support must do not only on computers but on all storage media such as external hard drives, USB flash drives to commonly used memory. This activity must be done regularly if you don’t want all computers on the network to be infected with a virus.

A backup system can be done automatically by certain software and can also be done manually by the administrator. The backup system needs to be done every day if it is done by software, make sure the backup results are done properly. Manual backup is usually done only 1 to two times a week. What is usually backed up is the database, configuration files, and also the server operating system. Often we find the UPS installed is not working properly; when the power goes out, the UPS should immediately provide a source of electricity to the computer, but what happens is that the UPS is completely powerless. As an IT support, your job is to ensure that the UPS always provides electrical power to the computer or electrical equipment it supports when the electricity is cut.

Every time there is a change in a computer network or IT system that is in the area of responsibility of IT support, they must make or re-register the changes. Creating documents must also be done from scratch and always update them when changes occur. This is important considering that if a problem occurs, the IT support does not need to report to remember and find out what changes happened before. It could also be that changes made previously were the cause of the problem.

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