Screen Recording on iPhone

Screen recording is a way to record the display that appears on the gadget screen. This method is usually done by users who want to record their moments playing games and share them on social media or who want them to video conference because they don’t get permission from the admin. For Android users, perhaps most smartphone brands have provided a special button for screen recording. But for those who have just switched to the iPhone, it may be a little confusing. In addition, you can visit our website to get free screen recorder windows 10.

This is because the screen recording feature on the iPhone is not immediately available in the row of access buttons that appear when the user swipes his finger from the top of the screen down. Different from Android smartphones that make the screen recording feature directly in that section.

How to do screen recording on iPhone? The first is to activate the shortcut key to screen recording.
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to the Control Center section
3. Select Customize Control
4. Press the green plus “+” next to the Screen Recording function button
5. Now the Screen Recording button will appear in the row of icons that appear when you swipe down from the top side of the screen.

Now go to the second step to start screen recording on the iPhone, here are the steps
1. Touch the top side of the screen and drag down to display Control Center.
2. Press the screen recording button which is in the form of two circles, like the record icon
3. The icon will change to a countdown, if the icon has changed to red, it means that the recording process or screen recording has started.
4. In the upper left corner of the screen will appear a timer or video recording time
5. If you want to stop screen recording, reopen Control Center as in the first step and press the screen recording icon.
6. Finally, a notification will appear that the video recorded from the screen recording has been saved.

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