Sebuah Kepatahan Hati dalam Esensi Kehidupan

Heartbreak is an emotional expression when you feel let down, hurt, and abandoned. This can happen while dating, separated when married, or separated by death. Feeling lonely, sad, and even traumatized become the most problematic for us. If you feel you are or are approaching this phase, please consult us, the psychic love advisor.

Usually, it takes 3 months according to experts, and proven after 3 months can get up and live life as normal.

This feeling can be implemented on the tarot card, namely the Three of Swords, which is depicted in the image of a heart pierced by three swords until it bleeds. The meaning of the image means deep sadness because of loss, love triangle, love that is blocked by blessing, sadness because of death or betrayal, and relationships that are not harmonious (happy).

There are several things that can reduce the feeling of disappointment when left.

The former: always think realistically, and never expect too much that he will return.

The second: stop checking all his/her social media platforms.

The third: stop asking or regretting the reason this relationship ended.

The fourth: delete or archive (if not ready) all photos and messages that have been stored in your gadget.

Fifth: go back to your activities, so you don’t focus on your ex.

Try to make a list of what you don’t need to do so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Getting hurt often means you fall in the same hole too often.

Sharing stories with close friends is also one of the best alternatives to reducing pain, and we are also willing to listen without judgment, looking for solutions and the best ways to get through this pain.

Lastly, the wounds in the heart also need to be cleaned, aerated, changed with bandages or gauze, and then given medicine.

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