Solution to Overcome Damaged Toilet Sprinklers

Not only is the problem clogged, but there are other problems that can occur in the toilet, especially on the toilet seat. The problem that often occurs in sitting toilets is the watering function. Meanwhile, call the best plumbers San Diego if there’s a severe problem with your toilet or pipes.

The following are 3 problems that often occur in the watering function and water storage in the toilet seat:

Water from the tank does not stop flowing

Toilets that have been used for a long time generally experience this problem. Water from the toilet tank flows continuously. To stop the continuous flow of water is to close the channel through the inside of the tank. But this method is only temporary, if you apply this method you must do it every time you flush the toilet.

For a permanent solution is to replace the toilet drain valve. You can get a valve at a building supply store. Another solution that you can do is replace the sealant found on the valve. By replacing it, the water channel will be closed more tightly.

Watering cannot function.

If when watering the toilet, but the water does not come out even though the water in the tank has been filled it can be caused because the chain connected to the drainage valve is damaged. To overcome this problem, empty the water in the tank then reconnect the chain. Water does not come out when flushing the toilet can occur because the sprinkler button is loose. You must make repairs to the sprinkler button from inside the tank by turning it counterclockwise to tighten it.

Water from the sprinklers does not flow smoothly.

This problem occurs due to dirt that clogs the water channel to the toilet bowl. The shape of the channel is in the form of small holes around the container. Clogging dirt can be either mineral or other hardened substances. Clean the dirt on the hole using a small wire or can use a mineral solvent to destroy all the dirt.

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