Some Health Factors Cause Dogs To Lose Their Appetite

Sometimes, a dog who has no appetite can occur due to various factors such as problems with teeth. To check your dog’s teeth, please gently pull the dog’s lips upwards and examine the teeth. If a tooth is missing, looks brownish, smells bad, or has a lot of deposits, then this may be the cause of your dog’s pain while eating. For that, take your dog to the vet to cure the problem with the dog’s teeth so that his appetite can return. Other than that, you can also try to use healthy dog food toppers to improve the taste of your dog food.

Dogs may also have no appetite or even refuse to touch their food at all because they have just had their vaccinations. Although vaccination is very important for dogs, especially in how to take care of newborn puppies, some side effects can occur after vaccination such as decreased appetite or loss for about 2 to 3 days. If the dog does not want to eat for longer than three days, then do not delay any longer and immediately take your dog to the vet because this may be due to a serious illness.

Furthermore, check the dog’s torque. Torsion can occur when a dog’s stomach twists like a knot. This condition is a very serious cause of dog depression and can cause death in dogs in just a matter of hours. If you feel the dog is experiencing torsion, then immediately roll your dog to a side-lying position and gently push the dog’s stomach in several places. However, you should immediately take your dog to the vet so that it can be given proper treatment. Also, avoid excessive play, running, or other strenuous activity for about an hour after the dog has eaten because it can cause torsion in the dog and not only causes the dog to lose his appetite but can also be dangerous for your dog’s life.

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