Some Ways To Watch Horror Movies With Cowardly Friends

This year, many horror films are ready to appear in the theater and some of them are sequels to the previous horror series. If you forget the story in the previous movie, you can watch it first on the gostream site

For those of you who have cowardly friends but are happy with horror films, or even yourself who are happy with horror films but are afraid of seeing ghost actors. Here are some tips so that you or your cowardly friend can become braver when watching a horror movie.

1. Watch Together
Watching with 10 people or more, although still afraid, at least the coward will feel more safe and comfortable. Watching together is also definitely more exciting because you can shout together.

2. Bring Something to Appear
You can bring your friend some kind of object with rubber material or any tools that can be squeezed if there are scenes that make you scared. Or you can give him a handkerchief, a slayer, a small pillow, or anything that can be used to cover the face if there is suddenly a jumpscare scene.

3. Prepare a Crispy and Tasteful Snack
When watching, bring a snack that is crispy and tastes sharp, like salty or spicy. So as soon as there are horror scenes, eating snacks can help overcome tension.

4. Don’t scare
Never frighten people who are timid. Moreover, you are done when the movie is still running or after the film is finished.

5. Watch At Home
These tips if you want to watch a horror movie in the last few years. Watching at home will be more comfortable for the cowards because they can run away if there is a really scary scene. Or want to ride or shout really fast too.

6. Watch During the Daytime
This applies to watch at home or at the cinema. If watching during the day, they will feel more comfortable and safe. In addition, they also have time to recover before nightfall.

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