Teeth Veneers Here’s What You Should Know

Veneers are generally made of resin or porcelain and will stick permanently to the teeth. Unlike dental implants or dental crowns, veneers only cover the front of the tooth. Meanwhile, dental implants replace the teeth to the roots and dental crowns cover all parts of the tooth crown. To do this treatment is not arbitrary, therefore you must consult first. You can do it in a best dentists fort worth.

Dental Veneers Indications
Dental veneers are generally requested by patients for cosmetic reasons or to improve appearance. With veneer, the color of the teeth can be brighter and can even make a person’s smile more symmetrical. Dental veneers can also be used to improve the following conditions:
• Broken or damaged teeth
• Non-uniform cavities between teeth
• Teeth are pointed or abnormally shaped
• Teeth that are smaller than the surrounding teeth
• Discolored teeth that cannot be removed by teeth whitening

Teeth Veneers Warning
Keep in mind that the dental veneer procedure is irreversible. That is, if during the veneer procedure it is necessary to change the shape of the tooth, then the change cannot be reversed.
Also, a veneer cannot be attached to everyone. Some people who should not undergo dental veneers include:
• People whose teeth are unhealthy, such as those with gum disease
• People whose tooth enamel has been crushed and cannot be applied to veneers
• People whose teeth are brittle as a result of decay, fracture, or a large filling
• People who have a habit of grinding their upper and lower teeth (bruxism)

Veneers can also suffer damage, such as cracks or breaks, and cannot be repaired if damaged.

If you want to do teeth whitening, it is advisable to do it before the dental veneer procedure. Veneer color cannot be changed once it is attached to a tooth, so it is important to make sure the veneer color matches the color of the rest of the tooth before applying it.

Although it is rare, there is still a risk that the veneer will slip from the tooth. Therefore, you should not bite hard objects, such as pencils and ice cubes, or bite your nails when using veneers.

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